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IMG_9533Daysha Carreras was born in New York City and when she was 19 years old, she made the big move to California to attenWestlake Culinary Institute to pursue her passion for cooking. Growing up in a Dominican neighborhood she was teased and criticized for being a very skinny girl. She was often compared to other Dominican women for not being thick or curvy enough. After so many years of feeling depressed, Daysha took that criticism and used it as motivation to improve her body and health. Daysha hired a trainer and he got her started on a specific meal plan and workout regimen. After five months of weight training, Daysha began to see the amazing results because of her new lifestyle. When she started her fitness journey she was only 87lbs, now 2 years later she is at an amazing 105lbs. She wanted to share it with the world! Which inspired her to create the brand “BODiBiDAY”. She holds her NASM Personal Trainers Certification and is seeking to help and encourage others to change their lifestyle to a healthier one. 

Watch my Fitness Journey video below!

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